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From highly detailed vacuum formed panel designs, to hand painted details, you won't find anything else on the market like our vacuformed panels.

About NetherCraft

Nethercraft Inc. is the preeminent vacuforming manufacturer of architectural and themed scenic plastic panels in the industry. Founded in 1994, we provide a wide array of the highest quality 100% MADE IN THE USA products serving the haunted house, escape room, film, entertainment and attraction industries.

Nethercraft as the longest serving vacuforming vendor in the haunted house industry, and pride ourselves in creating highly detailed, artistic panels using our standard of 0.09-inch ABS and clear translucent plastic (the thickest in the industry) providing the best strength for the most demanding conditions, 26 years of relentless innovation enable us to accommodate a broad range of custom requests.

Over the years NetherCraft has provided vacuform panels for many of the nation’s top ranked haunted attractions and major amusement parks. Notable works include The Steven Colbert Show, ABC Extreme Home Make Over, Restaurant Impossible, Rescue for Halloween, Play Boy Mansion’s Halloween Party, the Billionaire’s Ball,  the movies Zombie Land, Hell Fest, and All’s Fair in Love, and various TV shows and Netflix specials such as, Dolly Parton's Heartstrings, A Diva Den and the iconic castle look for the first ever year round haunted attraction in the world famous Dubai Mall.  


Founder - Tomak Baksik owner and founder of Nethercraft, has worked in diverse fields, from electrochemical engineering to neoclassical sculpture.  Utilizing multiple talents in chemistry, physics, manufacturing and artistry, originally began sculpting and created foam-based products for Gothic architecture in the early 1990’s. He quickly found that the durability and constant maintenance of foam-based products was not the best method for high traffic venues and with his Michigan team created his first vacuform machines, thus commencing a long career in the vacuform industry. His friend George Charbeneau, a professional haunter, saw the value of his thermo-formed castles as an ideal fit for the haunted entertainment industry and in 2007 transitioned to this growing field.

Partnership - Hundred Acres Manor founder Ted Sobek knew from day one of Transworld Las Vegas 2008 that these walls were something the haunted house industry needed to upgrade their venues. Demonstrating this, Ted commissioned a Nethercraft Castle façade for Pittsburgh’s top rated Hundred Acres Manor.  This iconic exterior façade has withstood 12 years of harsh winters and hot summers, retaining its original beauty. This facade has been featured in newspapers, tv shows and websites around the world. Ted understood the importance of a facade and strong scenic presence, not only to draw in more attendance but also create an iconic, one-of-a-kind look in the industry.

Ted’s working career encompasses 40 years as a registered professional engineer and a true hauntrepreneur who began haunting in 1988 with the Jaycees then quickly moved to professional haunting in 1992 with the founding of the Phantoms in the Park (former), Terrors by the Lake (former), Hundred Acres Manor (all in Pittsburgh) and most recently Mortem Manor (in Kissimmee, Florida). Ted has working knowledge also from a building code and fire safety perspective (as a haunted house owner) which is so integral to the haunted house industry as well as a thorough understanding of durability and customer service.

A partnership between Tomak (Nethercraft Inc) and Ted (Creative Innovations Design) began in 2018, enabling the artistry of Nethercraft to expand and bring a level of quality, variety and customer service unparalleled in the industry.


The professional background of the partners ensures a firm understanding of the complexity of the business, building code requirements, fire safety and chemical composition of both the plastic and paint utilized in providing a long-lasting and durable product for your venue.

ABS Plastic is our standard product and we use the highest-grade ABS with a 0.09-inch stock thickness, the most durable in the industry. Nethercraft can pull up to 0.25-inch ABS based on our client’s needs. As always chemical composition of materials is important to the industry and standards vary based on region and use. We provide upon request Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for our products as well as our paint coverings.

Clear Translucent is a 0.093-inch stock product that we are the first in the haunted house industry to provide. ICE, FIRE, and ALIEN are specific colorizations we have developed as a proprietary product and now provide as part of all our product lines.

Class 1-A. We are the first in the industry to offer a TRUE Class 1-A panel. Class 1-A meets all the rigors of both flammability and smoke testing per government standardized codes. UL 94 V-0, 5V and ASTM E-162.

Made in the U.S.A

Every panel is hand crafted from our own molds designed and created by our artisans using products from US manufacturers. Our highly detailed panels are all created and painted by hand in our state-of-art Pittsburgh location ensuring the highest-level quality. Each panel is cut, trimmed and painted separately by hand therefore may have slight variations in overall dimensions and colorization. Painting and colorization are completed by a proprietary process to ensure long lasting durability.

We are constantly striving to develop new products to improve the scenic applications and invite requests from our clients and their patrons. For custom molding and designs, please inquire how we can best serve your needs.